Fatigue often described as one of the most debilitating factors that decrease the quality of life. It is usually described as an endless feeling of being weak, tired, worn out, slow or heavy. It is a very common symptom for who are affected by all types and grades of a brain tumor. This condition is characterized by overwhelming tiredness that cannot be remedied by a good night’s sleep. Many people say that it is one of the most disturbing side-effects they experience and also they unable to participate in normal daily activities. Cancer-related fatigue is often talked about, but less acknowledged is that people with low-grade brain tumors also often experience fatigue. Fatigue can be the first sign of something wrong that sends patients to their doctors, leading to brain tumor diagnosis. Fatigue may also brunt people during brain tumor treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Brain tumor and cancer, in general, can cause fatigue as well as emotional stress. It can co…

Pediatrics Neuro-Ooncology

We can’t say that the children are the small adults. Their brain and body are still developing and their needs are very different. And also their tumors are different. Most of the frequent brain tumors are not the same as the most common adult brain tumors.
Understanding tumors There are many different types of brain tumor which are based upon a tumors cell structure, rate of cell growth, and other characteristics. The name and classification may change as more information is available or because the tumor has changed over time. Most pediatric tumors are primary tumors which are the masses and growth of the abnormal cells which occurs in the brain, spine, tissue and the structure that are to it. Primary tumors are classified into two categories — some are cancerous (malignant) and some are noncancerous (benign). But both can be life-threatening. When a child’s body needed for development or repair it itself makes cells. A tumor develops when normal and abnormal cells multiply when they …

4 Silent Signs of Brain Tumor

Stubborn headaches
There is no clear-cut type of a headache that can forecast whether or not the person having a brain tumor. The way to analyze is to be on the lookout for a new daily stubborn headache that won’t seem to go away or do not respond to any treatment. These headaches are often present when you wake up in morning and tend to worsen over time. These stubborn headaches depend upon the size or growth rate of the tumor of the brain.

Loss of vision Patients experience blurred or double vision due to the tumor present on or near to the optical nerve. Including this other types of brain tumor cause abnormal eye movements and make changes or loss of vision, depending on the size and location of the tumor.  This symptom often sees a pituitary tumor that compresses chiasm, or part of the visual pathway.  Brain tumor or cancer is just one of many surprising disease eye doctors can diagnose first.

Infertility and Hormonal disorders The whole system of the body is pretty much controlled by…

Spinal Stenosis and Surgery

As we know spine is made of a series of interlinked connected bones and shock-absorbing discs.  It protects the spinal cord from external injury and plays a key part of the central nervous system (CNS) which connects the body to the brain.

Spinal stenosis is the abnormal narrowing of spaces between the spinal canal, which puts more pressure on the nerve roots that travel through the spine. Few people have the inherited the degenerative discs, but for most people, the degenerative discs develop through the degenerative cascade of the degenerative disc which is a part of spinal stenosis. Some people don’t feel the effects of narrowing, but following aging, eventually, they start noticing the sign of radiating pain, tingling and muscle weakness in the nerves and spinal cord.

Spinal stenosis is caused due to the aging process and often due to osteoarthritis. It occurs in the lower back and the neck. Symptoms are typically worsened over time and it may cause loss of bowel or bladder control…

Alcohol and drug leads to brain cancer

Consumption of excess alcohol and drugs in moderation is not just affecting the overall health; rather it can also cause brain cancer.


When a person starts consuming the drugs, the effects of the drug become permanent in the person’s brain — even if they eventually stop using them. Generally, most experts suggest that a human brain continues to develop until about the age of 25. When a teenager does drugs, it causes irreversible changes in the brain, which on a long-term use or over-dose may cause irreparable changes to our nervous system, eventually leading to neuron and brain circuit injury, causing severe addiction and dependency.
The drug ‘‘fools’’ the human brain because they are similar to shape and size of neurotransmitters, which are natural chemical messengers. That’s why they can easily fit into the brain receptors and start an unnatural chain reaction of electrical charges.


We have all learned that everything we eat is broken down to generate energy. Alcohol is no …

Prevent and Heal From Brain Tumor ''Naturally''

The brain is the most imperative organ in the body. Each and every action of our body including the ability to move, think, learn and emotions are controlled by these spongy tissues.  When some malignant cell growth occur called brain tumor, it starts infecting surrounding healthy brain tissue quickly.
4 Strategies to Prevent & Heal From Brain Tumors Naturally
Sleep Our body needs a satisfactory amount of sleep for the survival as well as the well-being of our brain. Detoxification pathway of our body which is also known as glymphatic system naturally removes toxic waste during the day. This system is active at night and gives a chance to flush the toxins using cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Especially for the chemotherapy patients, sleep allows the cells to repair and restore tissue. Breathe in Frankincense Essential Oil By doing stress reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises can reduce the stress of brain. Inhaling frankincense oil during practicing t…

Star of the brain -Neural Stem cells

On the off chance that you’re new with stem cells, we all start our lives as a little bundle of them in the womb. These astonishing cells can alter their appearance, morphing into each pro cell in the body. The stem cells present in brain called as neural stem cell – separates to become the complex blend of profoundly particular cells shaping our ‘grey matter’, including cells called astrocytes. These star-shaped cells play fantastically imperative parts in the brain, by protecting other cells and repairing those that gotten to be damaged. A stem cell’s capacity to lay calm and, when required, to self-renew plays a key part in re-establishing and keeping up the wellbeing of our organs. Shockingly, cancer stem cells have that same property permitting them to avoid radiation and chemotherapy medicines which leads to tumor regrowth. The brain stem cells, which ordinarily direct brain improvement and support, inadvertently communicate with brain cancer cells in dangerous tumors, called gl…